HPC provides a wide range of engineering and consulting services in various aspects of transportation. This includes engineering design services for bridges, roads, highways, and other transportation structures and facilities, condition evaluation and safety inspection, construction management and inspection, transportation related research and studies, etc. Our specific services include the following:

Bridge Design

We provide a full range of engineering services for bridge design encompassing feasibility studies, including preliminary design, final design, and construction services. Our expertise covers various project types such as new bridge construction, bridge rehabilitation, replacement, widening, repairs, and improvements. Our services include:

– Feasibility study
– TSL study and submission
– Hydraulic & hydrological analysis and report
– Foundation design
– Final design and PS&E submission
– Shop drawing review and construction services

Roadway and Highway Design

We provide comprehensive design services for roadway and highway systems. Our expertise covers project types including new roadways and highways, existing road and highway improvements and widening, rural and urban roads, etc. Our highway design staff are familiar with DOT’s procedures and standards of multiple states, including PennDOT, NJDOT, NYSDOT, etc. Our services include:

– Line and grade
– Typical sections
– Preliminary and final designs
– Roadway plans
– Right-of-way plans
– Traffic control plans
– Erosion and sedimentation pollution control plans
– PS&E submission

H&H Analysis and Stormwater Management

We provide highway related hydraulic and hydrological analysis and drainage design services in accordance with DOT’s requirements, including PennDOT, NJDOT, and NYSDOT. Our services include:

– Determine drainage area and rainfall data
– HECRAS analysis for open channel flows
– Bridge waterway opening determination
– Roadway drainage system design
– Storm water management system

Highspeed Rail

We provide construction management and construction inspection services for highspeed rail projects. Our key staff members have successfully completed and continuously worked on numerous high-speed rail construction projects internationally and have gained in-depth technical knowledge and management skills. Our services include but are not limited to:

– HSR construction planning and contract management
– Design review including the areas of civil engineering; tunnel; structure/bridge; track works; overall system; electrification; signal control, communication systems, and station layout, etc.
– Resettlement planning and implementation monitoring
– Construction procedures and constructability review and supervision
– Construction safety and risk management plan review and supervision
– Project construction scheduling and budget control management
– Construction supervision/inspection covering foundation, roadbed, tunnel, bridges and super elevated bridge structures, track works, electrical equipment, power supply and utility lines and facilities installation, signal and its control devices installation as well as stations construction
– Final system test-run and commissioning
– Operation and Maintenance
– Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

NBIS Bridge Inspection

We have a team of certified NBIS bridge safety inspectors who are equipped with a full set of bridge inspection equipment, including a dedicated inspection truck. Our safety inspectors have been certified both by PennDOT and NJDOT and are very familiar with the policies and procedures of these agencies. Our services include:

– Routine NBIS inspection
– Interim inspection
– Emergency repair inspection
– Fracture critical inspection
– Rating calculations
– Report preparation

Construction Management and Consulting Services

We provide construction management and consulting services for various types of projects including transportation, urban development, educational and institutional development, municipal services, etc. Our services include:

– Project implementation programming
– Project implementation management
– Procurement and contract management
– Construction management and construction inspection
– Project performance monitoring
– Project implementation financial management
– Project completion and closing

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