Municipal Services

HPC offers diverse engineering and consulting services in the municipal industry, drawing upon both local and international expertise. We are committed to providing exceptional quality services that cater to the needs of the communities we serve. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Drainage System

We provide engineering services for stormwater drainage system including stormwater collection and discharge system, detention and low impact development facilities, stormwater management facilities, pump stations, drainage pipe networks and other drainage facilities.

Water Supply

We provide engineering services for water supply system including water treatment plant, water distribution pipe network, pump stations, and other water supply facilities. Services include design for water treatment plant facilities, distribution pipe networks, pump stations and other facilities.

Wastewater Treatment

We provide engineering services for wastewater treatment system including wastewater treatment plant, sewer distribution pipe network, sewer pump stations, and other wastewater treatment facilities. Services include design for wastewater treatment plant facilities, sewer pipe networks, sewer pump stations and other facilities. 

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