Public Transprtation Projects

SEPTA Locust Street Subway Station Upgrade and Improvement Project

This project involved the renovation and rehabilitation of the existing subway concourse in order to improve the conditions of the existing aging subway station. The improvements included structural repairs, architectural repairs, safety improvements, new painting, drainage upgrade, electrical and lighting upgrade, and other miscellaneous repairs.

Asian Development Bank Yichang Public Transportation, BRT and NMT Project, Yichang, PRC

This project involved the construction and installation of a 14 km BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line through the urban area of Yichang City with full access-controlled stations, real-time information display system, on-station exchange, etc. The non-motorized traffic path and facilities along the BRT was also included in the project.

World Bank Harbin Cold Weather Public Transportation Development Project, Harbin, PRC

This project involved the upgrade and renovation of 4 public bus corridors in the urban area of Harbin City, one of the major cities in northeast China with a population of about 9 million. The project also included the installation of the public transportation information system, construction of bus terminals and bus service facilities, bus stop upgrade, etc.