Construction Management and Consulting Projects

World Bank Liaoning Coastal Cities Economic Development and Environmental Protection Project, Liaoning, PRC

The World Bank (WB) invested in a $260 million project for urban infrastructure and municipal service upgrades in four coastal cities located in Liaoning province. The project incorporated aspects of program management, construction management and contract management in order to complete the urban infrastructure and municipal service upgrades.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Lincang Border Economic Corporation Zone Development, Yunnan, PRC

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) invested $500 million dollars in a project to establish the border trade and economic development zone at Sino-Myanmar border area with a wastewater treatment plant component to collect and treat the sewage from a local town. The system included a sewer collection pipe network, a sewer inception line along an existing riverbank, wastewater treatment plan of 20,000 ton/day capacity, and other related facilities. Services provided included scoping, environmental impact assessment, feasibility studies, and implementation planning.

Burlington County Engineering and Related Services, Burlington County, PA

The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Burlington, the Burlington County Bridge Commission, Rowan Collegeville of Burlington County, the Burlington County Institute of Technology/Special Services Schools and Burlington County Library had commissioned HPC with an open ended contract to provide various engineering services which include:

  • Bridge/culvert designs
  • Bridge inspections
  • Demolition plans and specifications
  • Construction managements/inspections
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Drainage design, and more

Montgomery Project Design and Enabling Services, Montgomery County, PA

Montgomery County Asset & Infrastructure (A&I) Department is taking the lead in organizing resources for the county by establishing a list of firms that can provide and support many upcoming projects and operations in the area, with HPC being one of these firms. HPC will be tasked with design, engineering, cost estimation, construction management, and/or services for individual projects.

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